Laser Medicine & Pain Management

Laser Stop Smoking 

We are committed to helping people stop smoking and end their nicotine addiction.  We apply our cold laser therapy to treat smokers for their nicotine addiction. It is a complete program used to help patients through the process of quitting an addiction or losing weight.

Low Level Laser therapy is the application of a "cold" laser light to treat certain conditions. We point the laser at precise acupuncture locations on your face, neck, wrists and hands. The therapy is completely painless, has no negative side effects and makes quitting smoking very easy.

With laser therapy the body will be helped to produce natural relaxants and pain relieving endorphins and other neurochemicals. Specific points on the ear are used, that stimulate the organs and their corresponding meridian channels which are responsible for elimination of toxins from the system. Treatment also includes points regulating the nervous system.

Additional points are used depending on the specific condition being treated, such as the auricular point for hunger, the mouth point, the small intestine point, shenmen (spirits gate), hunger point, endocrine point, or body points that impact the appetite such as stomach or spleen points in the case of weight control.

We have successfully treated smokers to stop smoking and to lose weight. Included in your treatment will be guidelines for detoxification and recommendations for natural medicine products to reduce your craving and improve your success rate.